ATSI 12 Series - Special Offer

Anatomy Trains Structural Integration

Valid until August 31st, 2020


1 session trial   ¥10.000 regular fee ¥12.000 (Approach line: SFL(Superficial Front Line))

2 sessions trial  ¥20.000 regular fee ¥24.000 (Approach line: SFL & SBL(Superficial Back Line))

3 sessions trial  ¥30.000 regular fee ¥36.000 (Approach line: SFL, SBL & LL(Lateral Line))

All 12 series(Sessions)  ¥120.000  regular fee ¥144.000

*If you would like to continue after session 3, please pay the balance.

*Session time: 75~90 mins
 (100~120 mins including getting change, body reading, etc.)

*Please bring 2-piece swimming suit or yoga/pilates tops & short pants, etc. (for women)

  Spines will be treated so, it will be better if the tops don't cover spines thoroughly.  

*Interval of each session will be 1~2 weeks. We will decide on each client's condition.


“Structural Integration” is not like massage or oil treatment.

It uses connective tissue manipulation (we call it fascial work) and movement (kinesthetic) re-education to lengthen the body and organize it around its vertical axis.

By unwinding restricted tissues and achieving the bones floated in coordinated tissues, generally, clients feel more their center.




This restores the feeling of ‘lift’ as the person makes their body longer from their previous patterns toward the highest potential and kinetic energy of an easy upright alignment.


For the session, we start to assess the client’s body to recognize as the client’s posture now and how it could be for being more comfortable and functional.

Often, their postures would be corroborated with a carefully taken history, palpation, and gait or other movement assessment.

Clients participate in the work by moving according to the practitioner’s cue during the session, that makes the work more effective and efficient. As both the practitioner and client work together, we call it “collaboration work”.

It also draws clients attention to their state of tissues as well.


The idea of “Structural Integration” is to assist the clients in the process of ‘growing out of the pattern’ and our approach (and vocabulary) emphasize the interrelationships within the person’s body rather than their relation to anyone else or to a platonic ideal.


It is not a symptom-oriented work even though it is often effective for chronic pain.



SI work is not just massage. Client is required participation and commitment for the works.


ATSI series of 12 soft-tissue manipulation sessions are based around reading and treating the cohesive fascial continuities (meridians) of the Anatomy trains which is developed by Tom Myers.

It is a journey to explore a client’s body from inside and outside through 12 sessions.

It will last a certain period from 12 weeks minimum to 30 weeks.


-It might be a journey to find a cause of chronic pain or disorder and to ease them…

-It might be a journey to become more comfortable and functional body…

 We could set our own goal from the beginning of the session if clients have a particular one.

But, we could also embark a journey of 12 sessions to seek for own neutral posture to better function of their body.


There is no predetermined formula or recipe for ATSI work.

Depend on client’s pattern or what to do in their lives, etc. we use our accurate way to approach the clients. So that we can say that it is more creative than massage.


What we can do for clients as a practitioner is:

 Find restricted fasciae / soft-tissues,

 Find areas most off-center, out of alignment, imbalanced,


It may:

 Release fasciae appropriately,

 Make a space inside of client’s body, (which also give a space for vascular systems, neural system, organs, skeletal system, etc.)

 Make client’s body more neutral and center

 Make client’s body more functional

 Relieve client’s chronic pain, etc.



9:00-18:00 (不定休)


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