Therapist Profile

Rutsuko Hanamura​

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 - International Federation of Aromatherapist (IFA)


 - Effective Touch®️ Superior (Body & Face) Therapist

 - Foot Reflexologist

My journey of aromatherapy has started when I was living in Paris in 2009.

During that stay, I got interested in aromatherapy and the use of essential oils. 

I went to an aromatherapy school in Tokyo for a year and got a diploma of IFA (International Federation of Aroma-therapist) in 2012.

To make progress in treatment technics and deepen my knowledge of anatomy, I continued to take classes of Seitai(kind of shiatsu), reflexology and oil treatment school(Effective touch technic=one of structure body works) for the whole body and facial treatments.

To deepen my knowledge and skills, I went to ATSI (Anatomy Trains Structural Integration) course in the USA in 2016 and accomplished the course in Australia in 2019, have become the only certified practitioner of this technique in Japan.

It helps me to journey of the anatomical knowledge profoundly and changes my touching and contacting with clients’ bodies.


9:00-18:00 (不定休)


​東京都港区 東京メトロ・都営線「白金高輪駅」徒歩4分 / 090-7239-3425

ATSI(Anatomy Trains(R) Structural Integration)Certified Practitioner - IFA(International Federation Aromatherapists)Certified Therapist - Effective Touch(R) Oil Treatment Superior Therapist - INDIBA Therapist, Foot Reflexologist