*It will take about 20 minutes extra for quick consultation, selecting essential oils & getting changed, etc.

*All treatments include complimentary herbal tea or/and water.

*Prices include tax.

Aromatherapy Oil Treatment 

(Effective Touch®️ method for Body & Facial)

Stress-relief Body Care

 (Aromatherapy Oil Treatment)

50 minute   ¥7,000  *Selection of body parts depend on client’s condition

80-minute   ¥10,000

110-minute   ¥12,000

Stress-relief massage is based on soft touch aromatherapy oil massage with blended essential oil after consultation. It can be gentle and smooth to release hypodermis and superficial fascia to stimulate the circulation of lymph and blood fluid around the body. As the massage is anatomically considered technique with fluent rhythm, it can be effective for a variety of conditions including stress, insomnia, anxiety, and some pain from posture of daily life.

(back legs ~ upper back ~ front legs ~ abdomen ~ arms ~ décolleté ~ neck ~ dry head massage)

Rejuvenation Facial Care

  (Aromatherapy Oil Treatment)

Body & Facial Care  (Aromatherapy Oil Treatment)

110-minute  ¥14,000

Soft touch lymph drainage and myofascial release treatment to improve your posture, body balance and facial condition using organic vegetable oil with blended essential oils selected after consultation


-Body 30-minute  


-Reflexology 30-minute  ¥4,000

70-minute   ¥9,000

80 minute   ¥12,000  *upper back treatment included

Rejuvenation facial care using organic vegetable oil with an essential oil selected after consultation including neck, décolleté massage and dry head massage. Facial skin is one of the most exposed to outside and is at constant risk from polluted environment, free radical and weather. The cosmetic product “Faith ~Lamellar Veil EX” replenish the skin with natural phospholipids, a type of substance that is necessary in order to maintain the stratum cornea. As facial muscle is thin and mostly attached to the skin, this facial massage is very gentle and soft touch.

(facial cleansing ~ facial clay mask ~ skin up ~ décolleté oil treatment ~ facial oil treatment ~ dry head massage)

*Cleansing & skin up products: Faith (contains the original ingredient "Faith fresh collagen") 



INDIBA Body 60 mins   ¥8,000 

 *+10 mins      +¥1,000

 *Including short soft-touch oil treatment within the time

 *Body parts: Back, Abdominal, hip, legs, etc. depending on the client's condition

INDIBA® Deep Beauty raises internal body temperature, promoting an increasing reduction of fat deposits, body contouring, and firming of the skin, whilst preventing new fat deposits from forming in problem areas. INDIBA® Deep Beauty turns a beauty treatment for the body into a healthy experience.

1) consultation, assessment

2) get change

3) INDIBA Treatment

4) Oil Treatment

5) get change

6) after consultation with herbal tea or water


INDIBA® Deep Beauty helps you enhance your inner beauty by improving cell function and increasing collagen and elastin production for younger, healthier-looking skin. INDIBA® Deep Beauty helps to improve and restore harmony to your face whilst bringing you a sense of inner peace.



(Decollete & Face)  70 mins   ¥10,000 

 *Including cleansing, short facial oil treatment & skin up


(Head & Face) 70 mins   ¥10,000 

 *Including cleansing, short facial oil treatment & skin up

 *+15 mins Decollete oil treatment   +¥2,000

 *+10 mins Dry head & Neck massage  + ¥1,500

 *+20 mins Back oil treatment             +¥2,500

ATSI 12 Series


<Special Offer for starting a session by August 31, 2020>

Consist of 12 sessions of Structural Integration based on Anatomy Trains = 12 fascial meridian lines by Tom Myers.


  • 1 session trial ¥10,000 (Approach area: SFL"Superficial Front Line")

  • 2 sessions trial ¥20,000 (Approach areas: SFL & SBL"Superficial Back Line")

  • 3 sessions trial ¥30,000 (Approach areas: SFL, SBL & LL"Lateral Line")

  •  All 12 series  ¥120,000

*1 session - 75~90 mins 

*If you would like to proceed further sessions from 3 sessions, you just pay the difference.

*Check the further information below.




9:00-18:00 (不定休)


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ATSI(Anatomy Trains(R) Structural Integration)Certified Practitioner - IFA(International Federation Aromatherapists)Certified Therapist - Effective Touch(R) Oil Treatment Superior Therapist - INDIBA Therapist, Foot Reflexologist